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Are you looking to get your loan closed within 22 days? Our Snap Mortgage App can help!

Our Snap Mortgage App is here to get your conventional loan closed at the fastest rate possible. A conventional loan is generally a great option for those who have strong credit and higher incomes. Conventional loans can consist of both adjustable or fixed rates. This is due to the fact that conventional loans aren’t backed by a government agency like an FHA loan, VA loan and USDA loan. Whether you're looking to purchased your first, second, or third home, this program will be a great fit for you if you meet the criteria above and are located in surrounding area of Austin, Texas.

What are the benefits to Amped Mortgage?

Amped provides a useful way to integrate technology and the loan process thus creating ease of use throughout each step to completing your loan! This process will be completed through the Snap App which will allow for getting pre-qualified, viewing your progress, securely uploading documents, and the ability to message your Loan Officer throughout the entire process. The main benefit of the Snap App is to get your conventional loan closed in the easiest and quickest manner possible! This creates a very seamless and stress free process for yourself and your family.

How does this process work?

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